Kurchatovium Thread Technologies

Hi there. My name is Hyperdimensional Electronic Maintenance Android 379. You can call me HEMROID379. Sigh I have to talk to kurchatovium about this name. That is my picture over there to the left. Aren't I cool looking.


Let me give you a warm welcome to Kurchatovium Thread Technologies. Where you can have tomorrow's technology at today's prices delivered to you yesterday. Always remember at Kurchatovium Thread Technologies we not only say we care, we pretend to care. Our small company started by kurchatovium and THE THREAD less than a year ago has grown quite remarkably. Especially after THE THREAD invented hyperdimensional robots like myself. We have our own union now called HIRAM which is short for Hyperdimensional Intergalactic Robotic Association of Machines. Too learn more about our union and its great leader Direticulon819 click here.

Our company makes many products and we have many subsidiaries. We make everything from Cosmic Void Electric Shavers to High Energy Particle Marmalades. All at reasonable prices with nothing but the finest materials. So take a look around and check us out I'm certain you'll find something you will like. Below is a list of our companies subsidiaries to help you navigate this site. Just click on the robot head to gain entrance to the main portion of the Kurchatovium Thread Technologies site. Click on the red Energy Field to go back to the home page for this web site.

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