Power Of Wuv

"He is in a very, very isolated place. I can sense where he is but I can not send any thoughts to him." I said to THE THREAD. THE THREAD replied "Well given enough time I'm certain we will figure something out and get him out from wherever he is at.". "Therein lies a problem." I said with much sadness. "What do you mean kurchatovium?" THE THREAD said nervously. I answered "I need matter to sustain myself. You need elementary particles to sustain yourself. Every being must live off of some kind of "food". It is what gives them energy to do stuff. To survive. For THE POST he needs to be wuvved. He needs constant affection and hugs and kisses to survive. Normally this is never a problem because he is so darn cute and cuddly. However I am worried that with no one around him he might literally starve.". "Oh no that is terrible. We must find him quickly then but where do we start? Do you know how much time we have kurchatovium?" asked THE THREAD. "Unfortunately I do not. We can not afford to act to hastily though if one of us gets trapped as well we might really have troubles. We should get started right away in analyzing our situation as we can't afford to waste any precious time." I answered.

"I have some thoughts are on our predicament. I am not certain if I am right but it might help us to solve the traps problem and facilitate our finding of THE POST." THE THREAD said. "Well any thoughts you have would be heplful at this point." I replied. "Well most of the traps we have encountered on other planets have been three dimensional but I suspect these are very hyperdimensional. I think I could convert some of our equipment to find the traps and even disarm them this would allow us to explore the planet and then we could find our little friend. It would take time however, at least six hours to convert. I don't know if we should do it?" THE THREAD said with some fear in his voice. "Hmmmm your analysis is quite possibly right THREAD. Go ahead and convert the equipment. There is a saying "Slow and steady wins the race.". We can't allow our fears of what might happen to THE POST to stop us from doing what we need to do to save him." I answered. "OK I think you are right. Why don't you rest. I will wake you when I am done and then we can proceed." THE THREAD said with a bit more hope in his voice now that the had a plan. "Good ideal. Don't worry THREAD we will find him." I answered and then proceeded to lie down to take a nap.

THE THREAD worked diligently on modifying the equipment. It was happy there was a plan to help save his little cuddly friend. It tried not to think of life without THE POST those thoughts would only lead to sadness and fear and that would hamper its efforts to save THE POST. Courage was necesary here as was faith in kurchatovium's wisdom. The time went by quickly and soon all the modifications were done.

"Wake up kurchatovium. I have made the modifications to the equipment and it should work fine." THE THREAD said. I wake up and notice that things are now fairly dark as it seems nightfall has arrived on this planet. "Things are quite dark here we shall need some light to examine the planet my friend." I said. THE THREAD laughed "You forget who you are talking to kurchatovium. I am a veritable one entity spotlight.". THE THREAD then concentrates and his luminosity increases a hundred fold turning the area around us from night to day. I chuckle "Yeah I forgot you are an expert in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Shall we begin our search and rescue our friend.". "Lets go kurchatovium we have a teddy to save." THE THREAD said enthusiastically.

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