Power Of Wuv

The Pletherians had given me, THE THREAD and THE POST a number of routine missions for the past couple of months. These mainly consisted of eliminating traps and disarming devices left on worlds which were now barren. It surprised the three of us just how many of these barren worlds with extinct races actually existed. I guess the take home lesson is to never take your civilization for granted. To constantly strive to make your world a better place lest you end up extinct.

The traps and devices these worlds had were often very nasty and could easily hurt an unsuspecting traveler outright or put them into a very dangerous situation. For example we found many teleportation traps on these worlds. These devices would send a victim to some random location in the universe. I also wondered too if the guy on the bus last year who claimed he was an alien from another galaxy was actually real. Of course the fact that he was dressed up like a chicken suggested in all likelihood he was not.

Getting rid of the traps and other maniacal devices usually was fairly easy for us and was becoming quite routine. Perhaps this is where the problem started as we were lured into a false sense of security. The assignment at Guarxar 3 would prove to be anything but routine. THE THREAD created a portal for us at Pletheria and we were on way to Guarxar 3.

Guarxar 3 was perhaps the most beautiful of all the barren worlds we had been too. Most of the others had long since fell into decay but Guarxar 3 was still vibrant and alive. The clouds in the sparkled with many different colors an effect due to the crystals of cubic Xeonium. A very rare stable cluster of Xeon with a very high density and thus a very high refraction. These crystals in the clouds cause them to sparkle in a thousand different colors at once. The ground too was filled with many fragments of a highly reflective and highly refractive glass material that we could not identify. It as well caused the ground to shimmer and sparkle with colors I could have never imagined in my life. There was so much beauty on Guarxar 3. Little did we know that this beauty was an integral part of the devious traps set on this planet.

I remember those first moments Guarxar 3 so very well. I said when we first arrived "Wow, this place is amazing. Much more interesting than all those other places we have been too.". THE THREAD said "Yes it is amazingly beautiful. It is interesting how much beauty simple reflection and refraction can create.". THE POST said "Yipee, Yipee look at all the colors. Its so very pretty.". I replied "Yes it is but we do have to find the traps here and disarm though.". THE POST said "Well lets look around. Its so pretty .....hehehehehe....oooh looky over there its extra sparkly there...Yipee, yipee..". I said "POST be careful this place has a lot of...OH MY GOD POST!....". In an instant my hearthad gone from the incredible joy of seeing such miraculous beauty to the depths of seeing one of my best friends vanish in a flash. THE THREAD said "Oh No POST. Can you hear us? Oh my poor teddy is gone.". I started to regain my composure and said "Don't worry THREAD we will find him even if we have to tear this planet apart particle by particle. We will find him.". THE THREAD said "But where can he be? Oh I hope he is OK". I said "Hmmmmm I can sense him psychically and yes he is OK but I can not sense where he is so I don't know how safe he is.". THE THREAD said "Well at least he is OK for now but we must find him.".

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