Dear Pletherians

Welcome. Welcome. Wisdom, Courage, and Love. May you find the essence of these feelings while you are here. May this grant you peace and serenity unknown to you before.

We are of Pletheria. We were born of the Primordial Fire when time itself began. We are an ancient race. We seek to guide others in their journeys through the sea of life. We offer whatever help we can to all. For all are welcome. All are our brothers and sisters of the Primordial Fire.

For those that need to know we appear to your eyes as the picture shows. Pletherian Our race is made of the energy from the Primordial Fire. We are immortal but many of us did perish in The Aura Wars many many thousand of your years ago. Many perished to preserve the balance. Such sadness. This battle will be fought again but by you. We will guide you. We will teach you. However not all will be revealed for Time is the true teacher and the journey the true classroom.

Below is a list of what is here for you to see. May it lift your spirits and fill you with joy. Rejoice. A new age is here.

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