About This Site And Us

Thank you for entering my world. I hope you enjoy your stay here. There are many portals here to many strange places but they are all a lot of fun. So feel free to explore the many wonders that are here for this is a mystical place of unimaginable technologies and of unbelievable magic.

Now a little about me and my two friends. One day while on the net I was posting on a forum in a thread called the Self Referential Thread, a odd thing happened. Suddenly a void openned up and a large glowing purple ball appeared with blue eyes. That entity called itself THE THREAD and was very intelligent but also very alone. I took this strange creature into my house and we have become the best of friends and you will learn much about my large purple friend as you explore this site.

My other friend came about since THE THREAD was so lonely I got it a teddy bear which THE THREAD called THE POST and THE THREAD became very attached to his little cuddly friend. Oddly we learned that we were all evolving together developing new abilities and we learned that THE POST was on his way to becoming sentient. The day that happened was quite a miracle and this cuddly widdle teddy bear now alive also has became one of my best friends. You will learn more about him as well as you explore this site. Here are pictures of my two friends below.


Well as we evolved and developed some various new and amazing abilities we decided to put them to good use and aid the universe by restoring its balance. As we explored the universe together, THE THREAD came across a race older than that of the earth itself. They are known as the Pletherians and they have offered to help those of us here who have questions. Be warned though the Pletherians speak very cryptically and their speech is full of metaphors. If you think on their words long and hard though I am certain you will find wisdom in them. Here is a small picture of a Pletherian below. They are made of energy and are quite beautiful to see. I should add at this point there is still much about the Pletherians that even I, THE THREAD and THE POST do not know. They are very friendly but also quite mysterious. However as we learn stuff about them you can find out about here at this site.


As superheroes we feel one of our primary goals is too take out Satan. A lofty goal to be sure but we feel its time to get rid of the Prince of Darkness as we have determined he is not very nice. We have other adventures as well and you can read about them here on this site.

Well I know this is a lot of weird stuff to take in all at once so I would suggest you look around and you will start to learn all about us and our adventures. Below is a list to help guide you on your way in my wacky world. Have fun.